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flashback from 2008

We decided to winterize Jaizzy’s little house, and while we had the roof propped open, she walked in and had serious inclinations to fly out and join the gang.  I had to change her mind.

A chipmunk was using her house to store acorns.  I told Jaizzy she should be charging for a storage fee.  No sign of feed hoarding, so if we really do have another rat, it’s probably taking the feed underneath the house.

You can see the boss here listing off all the chores we needed to tackle.

This is pre-cleanup.  She’s got a couple of vents for ventilation, but even with that we kept the floor pretty clear because the summer was so constantly damp this year that turds on the floor weren’t drying out in the straw, and the little house smelled like ammonia when it got hot.  So no straw on the floor all summer.  Chickens are very susceptible to mold growing in their litter and can get real sick if it stays damp.

So Scott had to get in there and scrape the floor….  Not as young as he used to be.

Post cleanup, Scott blocked up the vents to keep the cold wind out, and now Jaizzy has a layer of straw to jump down on.  Old ladies need a little cushioning for their rheumatiz in inclement weather.  After we closed the roof, Jaizzy went in checking it all out, talking, inspecting, testing.  She’s very thorough.  We got the thumbs up, 5 stars.

Here you get a glimpse of how popular Scott is.  All he had to do was bend over to pick up something, and the girls were ~on~ it.  He’s the king of the yard, he’s the bomb, he has magic hands, he can do no wrong, and they watch him like little hawks.  And they’re like cats, you can’t walk without nearly stepping on them.

Scott had a brainstorm for the bird feeder this year.  He has a Plan…

Basically, he says he is outsmarting the squirrels this year with those pvc pipes.  Skip to the big finish.  Those are sunflower heads in the feeder to let passers by know the restaurant is open for biz.

Then he installed a window into the Quacker Dome to cut down on the cold wind coming through.

Dooney is the official inspector for the Quacker Dome.

The afternoon got really exciting when Scott discovered a snake under a board…