molting chicken

Originally posted on a private blog on 11-28-07. This is Jaizzy. For some reason, she always molted in November and was often caught nearly naked in snow or an ice storm.

Someone is starting to feel a little more chipper.  She hasn’t met me at the gate in a week.

Kinda raggedy.  The little black things on her wing are quills coming in.  She’s getting leftover stroganoff and green beans, polished the plate, good sign.  I was getting a little worried about her not eating.

Look real close where her legs bend, you can see more quills coming in.  They don’t look as gross in the picture to me as they do in 3D with her moving around.  For some reason I just want to gag when I see all those quills.

More coming in on her chest under her neck.

Getting a little more delicate with our photo shoot here.  Her entire underbelly is hundreds of new quills, hard to see the ones coming in around her tail.  I’m sure she can feel every little breeze, and it’s pretty nippy outside.  She keeps walking around hunkered down like she’s a little cold.  I’d love to ask her if they poke…  I bet it’s really uncomfortable when they first grow out.

Once she’s grown all back out, I’m going to clean the nests out.  They’re getting all dandruffy and gross.  I’m leaving the feathers in for now because I’m sure the straw is uncomfortable on her new quills, plus for more insulation.  We’ve been reaching nearly freezing on some nights.

She’s left thousands of feathers all over the place.  One chick on myspace who I mentioned the molting to was trying to tell me I should wash them up and make a pillow…  Yeah, right.  I don’t believe I’m that hard up for pillows.

That just looks so pitiful to me.  Too bad chickens don’t like hugs.

Gratuitous tree picture.


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